Cupcake Centerpiece How-to

Everyone will love this centerpiece, because it’s a feast for the eyes and a sweet dessert idea.

The beautiful, vibrant hues make it perfect for a summer fiesta! Having a birthday back, graduation celebration or pool party? Not to worry! This idea works with any color scheme – just choose baking cups, icing and candy in your party colors.

Read on to learn how to make this incredible edible bouquet. Let out your inner party planner and put together your own colorful creation that’s deliciously one of a kind!

Get ready to impress your guests in 8 steps!

What You’ll Need

  • Clear trifle container
  • Rainbow Twizzler licorice
  • About 12 cupcakes
  • 1M tip and hues for icing
  • Coloring backing cups
  • Assorted tissue paper
  • Citrus-green curling ribbon
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Green shred
  • Craft foam


Step 1: Create the Base

Line the inside of the container with Rainbow Twizzlers (it is okay to snack on a few as you go!). Place a chunk of craft foam in the center.


Step 2: Stack Baking Cups

Time to have fun with color! Choose several colors of baking cups to pair up in fun combinations. To create the top layer, flip a baking cup inside out so the color is on the inside of the cup. Stack on top of a baking cup in a contrasting color.


Step 3: Make Cupcake Skewers

Cover skewers with Twizzlers in different colors. Poke a skewer through the center of the baking cups so that about 1.5 inches of the skewer comes through. Secure with tape underneath the baking cups. You can trim down several skewers at this point if you would like to create a variety of heights. (Do not place cupcakes yet!)



Step 4: Place skewers in Foam

“Plant” your “rose stems” into the foam, leaving some room to add tissue paper flowers later.


Step 5: Fill with Shred

Cover the foam with green paper shred. Your cupcake garden is about to bloom.




Step 6: Add Paper Flowers!

To make these vibrant paper flowers on bamboo skewers, see our Tissue Paper Flowers How-to. Make 3 or 4 in your favorite colors. You can cut your flowers down with scissors for a perfect fit!


Step 7: It’s Cupcake Time!

For the rose petal icing effect, tint 3 batches of buttercream icing yellow, orange and red. Decorate with icing tip 1M (comes in Wilton’s 25 piece set). Note: Carefully add the cupcakes by alternating from side to side (this prevents the base from tipping!). You will also want to keep your cupcakes out of direct sun.


Step 8: Show it Off!

Time to eat the roses…cupcake roses! Display your gorgeous centerpiece for all to see, and let them eat it up to end the party on a sweet note!

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