2015 Best Kids’ Birthday Party Ideas

Princesses and galaxies far away will continue to show up continuously in this year’s Kids’ birthday party scene in 2015. If you loved if when you were young, chances are it is making a comeback for your kids too! Here are the favorite kids’ birthday party ideas:

Star Wars PartyStar Wars

Thanks to the new movie and cartoon series, this beloved franchise will be even more popular in 2015. From a Mom of three boys, I’ve done my share of Star Wars party, including just “Dark Side” (Darth Vader) parties.

FrozenFrozen Party
Even though you might be ready to “Let It Go”, your kids won’t be over this Disney movie anytime soon. Throw your little Ana, Elsa, or Christoff a Frozen birthday party that stands out from the rest.

Everything is Awesome…when it’s made of LEGO! A LEGO birthday party is fun for kids, and sometimes even more fun for a crafty mom or dad. Just like the toys – you can make ANYTHING with this party theme: from LEGO treats to custom LEGO party pieces and fun décor. Is there anything these blocks can’t do?

Little girls in little crowns is a tradition that has stood the test of time. Give your little girl a fairy tale birthday party fit for a princess.

If you build it, they will come. This game is still captivating kids from basic builders to cool coders. Create your own crazy world for your next Minecraft birthday party!

Bounce House
Hire a bounce house, and have a party that they will remember forever. This attraction is a theme by itself, so all you have to do is supply cake and goodies.

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